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Better Choices Make Better Products

We help you make the right choices by giving you more accurate information and process insights. Our 30+ years of experience in web development and SaaS design can help speed you to higher profitability and technical resilience.


We focus on three major areas of software delivery


Technical Design & Assessment

Our 30+ years of experience in dozens of industries let us quickly determine technical feasibility, identify known roadblocks, and speed delivery for higher profitability.


Team Management & Improvement

You can't deliver a product without people. We source, qualify, hire and/or manage your technical talent to improve the reliability and quality of your releases.


Product Delivery Chain

Misaligned needs and interests among multiple departments can derail any project. We can help you get aligned and stay aligned for more cost-effective delivery.

Your Software is Our Passion

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How We Helped Our Clients

These are just a sample of the feedback we get.

“You quickly identified key problem areas and got valuable, relevant information from their [due diligence] team I couldn't have gotten otherwise.”

Patrick G.


“Your solutions to our problems were cost-effective with clear implementation plans. We saved $$$. You guys are wizards!”

Candace L.

VP of Product

“I probably saved more than $100k avoiding bad product ideas and vanity acquisitions based on your research and recommendations.”

Jere H.

Serial Startup Founder

Who Chooses Us

Our clients come from many organizational levels and industries


Non-technical founders look to us for experience boosting. Technical founders look to us for accountability and excellent, honest feedback.

CTOs, PMs & Tech Managers

We coach, advise or guide our clients to improve their career, resolve an issue in their company or find a co-founder when they want to start up.

Early & Pre-Growth Startups

We have dozens of startups under our belts, both successful and failed. We help startups avoid costly mistakes and gain an experience boost.

VCs, Lawyers, & Flippers

Our comprehensive due diligence process gives unprecedented insight into acquisition targets, technical evidence and product claims.

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